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Learn from experts, no matter where you are
Edoflip is education tailor-made for you. Yes you!
Say goodbye to classes to masses, where you are just one among the many.
Personalized Tutoring
Each student is unique. Their needs are unique. We understand that. And hence, our learning tracks are acutely customized for every student.
Realtime Assistance
A doubt has to be addressed when it shows up. The hand has to be stretched when it's needed. Not tomorrow. Not later. Right Away. That’s what we are for.
Flipclass Model
The role of teachers has immensely changed from being information dissipators to becoming mentors, guides and most importantly, friends.
Deep Understanding
Technology has enabled us to look beyond what we can see. We leverage technology just to a right extent where our human touch is strengthened more than otherwise.
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Here's a glimpse to the joy our students and their parents share everyday
Parents are thrilled with the results!
"She has done well in her papers. A lot of credit for that success and ensuring happiness goes to Edoflip. You are playing a tremendous role in empowering and encouraging her to reach her potential towards her goals. We have always had a lot of issues with her Chemistry and I wonder how it would have been without your splendid contribution!"
- Pratik
Edoflip is learning made easy
True education happens when knowledge flows in an equal space.

In today’s world of competitive learning, the idea of mass classrooms has overshadowed fundamental teaching practices. It is no longer a student who decides what he needs, but his class does. At Edoflip, we give back this right to each student.

Our classes are designed in such a way that each student is mentored personally by our expert faculty from premier institutes.
Course designed for each student
Once a student enrolls, we engage them with a series of interactive sessions and tests. Based on the preliminary assesment, we build the course based on the student’s requirement.
Supporting their behavioral interests
More than learning important subjects, we understand the behavioral traits in a student that can be triggered to enhance their self learning potential.
Measure, understand and improve
At Edoflip, we make sure to evaluate each student continuously, understand their requirement and improve their curriculum.
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